Uncanny X-Men #6 Comic Book


Brand: Marvel Comics

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(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Ken Lashley (CA) Greg Land. APOCALYPSE WARS CONTINUES! The first time original X-Man Archangel met Apocalypse, he was transformed into the homicidal Horseman of Death. Breaking free of Apocalypses grasp, Archangel eventually returned to the X-Men and formed a relationship with his teammate, Psylocke. Now, years later, Psylocke has found a vacant, drone-like Archangel in the guise of Death once more. Fearing hes again fallen under Apocalypses sway, Psylocke and her team of X-Men embark on a mission to save Archangels life. But little do they know that they are about to discover a far more horrifying truth than they could have imagined... Rated T+