Thor 2 - The Dark World Double Sided Polypix Print


Brand: Trend Setters

While on Earth, the Asgardian warrior prince Thor learned much about responsibility and accountability. Now the otherworldly hero, ever armed with his mighty hammer Mjolnir, returns home to fabled Asgard and the Nine Realms of the Cosmos and must take arms against an ancient, unknowable darkness that threatens to eclipse all that exists! Fresh from the Super Hero team-up of a lifetime in Marvel’s The Avengers, THOR: THE DARK WORLD leads audiences on an immense adventure that spans the Marvel Universe, from present-day Earth to the otherworldly realm of Asgard, where fabled champions clash with larger-than-life foes on a cosmic scale. 12" x 14" double sided polypix print Fade-proof polymer film Borderless