The Twilight Zone Kanamit Bobblehead


Brand: Bif Bang Pow!

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The Kanamit Bobblehead measures approximately 7 inches tall. In the episode "To Serve Man?" the Kanamits, a race of robe-clad 9-foot humanoids with towering craniums, arrive on Earth in space saucers. Though they are initially viewed with trepidation the Kanamit are, in the course of subsequent negotiations, carefully studied and deemed a benign and altruistic life form. The Kanamits utilize their advanced technology to provide the entire Earth with a limitless food source. Hundreds of Earthlings volunteer to accompany the Kanamits to the aliens?TM paradisiacal homeworld. Eventually the Kanamit manifesto "To Serve Man" is decoded, and is revealed to be a cookbook for the preparation of human hams, but by the time the hysterical cryptographer attempts to issue a warning, it is too late Ages 5+