Star Trek Trekkies Uhura 4.5 Inch Q-Pop Figure

$19.95 $17.95

Brand: QMX

She's someone you definitely want on your team. Strong, beautiful and confident, Lt. Nyota Uhura, xenolinguistics specialist and communications officer of the starship Enterprise, is always willing to pitch in, even in dangerous situations. Intensely private about her personal life, she willingly shares her love of music through song, dance and tunes on the Vulcan lute. We've captured that radiant spirit in our Trekkies Uhura Q-Pop Figure, with Uhura at the ready, wearing her iconic wireless communications earpiece. Designed by Mohammad Haque, this figure stands 4.5 inches tall and is made of PVC. It includes a word bubble and special Trekkies marker, so that you can add quotes or "sound effects." Lt. Nyota Uhura is just one in our series of Trekkies Q-Pop Figures, so be sure she's on hand to relay messages for you! Get the smartest communications officer in Starfleet. Ages 5+