Star Trek: The Original Series Art Prints - Set 10

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Brand: QMX

We've taken the voyages of the starship Enterprise one adventure further with a series of original movie-style art print sets commemorating every episode of Star Trek, the iconic American television series that aired from 1966 to 1969. The Story Behind the Art Recalling the style of 1960s-era movie posters, pulp novel covers, comic books and advertisements, these Star Trek art prints are the work of artist Juan Ortiz, who was commissioned by CBS. Ortiz created an original retro-style art print for every episode of the original television series, including the first pilot -- 80 in all. As CBS's exclusive partner for North America, QMx will reproduce the art prints and release them in sets of four over the months ahead. The art prints are not in chronological order. Once an episode has been made available in a set, it will not be repeated or reprinted. Sets will be available for a limited time. Collect sets with your favorite episodes. And remember, they also make great gifts for your favorite Star Trek fan. The Original Series has become a cult classic, and its leading-edge plot lines and mores have influenced many science-fiction TV shows and movies that have followed. Designer/illustrator Juan Ortiz talks about the inspiration for our tenth set of Star Trek: The Original Series Art Prints, which includes: *Episode 11: The Menagerie, Part 1. *Episode 55: Assignment: Earth. *Episode 56: Spock's Brain. *Episode 74: Requiem for Methuselah. The Star Trek: The Original Series Art Prints - Set 10 consists of plated-printed lithographs on 100-pound, aqueous-coated, satin-finish paper. Each print measures 18 inches x 24 inches.