Star Trek Starfleet Engineering Division Magnetic Badge Prop Replica

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Brand: QMX

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You are the best of the best, because only the most talented, capable and dedicated get to wear this badge. Welcome to the United Federation of Planets Peace Operations: Starfleet. You have been selected to serve as a engineering officer and to wear the much-revered insignia. As such, we present you with this solid-metal Starfleet division badge. Serve with honor! Design taken directly from the screen-used hero prop, these Starfleet Division badges are replicas of the uniform insignia from 2009''s Star Trek, cast in metal and hand-burnished, they''re cosplay ready with a magnet on the back to hold them in place. Measures approximately 2 1/8-inches tall x 1 3/8-inches wide. Order yours today! Ages 14 and up.