Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey 12.5 Inch Ship Model - Exclusive


Brand: Diamond Select Toys

This variation on Diamond Select's standard Klingon Bird of Prey is based on Commander Kruge's personal ship, as seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Partially cast in translucent plastic to simulate a Klingon cloaking device, this Bird of Prey measures 12.5 inches long with a wingspan of 19 inches! The wings on the Bird of Prey raise and lower so you can display it in flight on its Klingon-symbol stand. And of course the ship features movie-specific lights, sound effects and dialogue that activate at the push of a button. Features movie-accurate lights and sounds, including the voice of Christopher Lloyd as Commander Kruge! Well done Valkris Disengage cloaking device Emergency power! Fire! Get out of there! SFX Decloaking SFX Disruptors firing SFX Thrusters SFX Torpedo firing Ages 10+