Rocket Raccoon and Groot #7 Comic Book


Brand: Marvel Comics

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(W) Nick Kocher (A) Michael Walsh (CA) David Lopez. PUTTING THE FUN BACK IN FUNERAL! Im SORRY you found that poor in taste? Well, maybe were using humor to avoid facing our grief over the death of Rocket Raccoons mentor in con-artistry! Whos insensitive NOW? Did you even KNOW Rocket had a confidence-man mentor? Look, lets start over and try to be more understanding. Its a new era for the Guardians of the Galaxys most non-humanoid characters, and were kicking it off with this story by NICK KOCHER of comedy duo BriTANicK, so of CORPSE its going to DIE-larious! Were just going to miss this character an all-new insight into Rockets mysterious past so much! Rated T