Resident Evil 6 Chris Redfield Capcom 10 Inch Action Figure

$79.99 $74.99

Brand: Capcom

Incredibly-detailed statue of Chris Redfield! The Resident Evil 6 protagonist comes to life with the Capcom Figure Builder line. Measures 10-inches tall in the 1:7 scale! Fans of the Resident Evil video game series will not want to miss out on this amazing statue! Directly out of the Resident Evil 6 video game and featuring tons of detail characteristic of the Capcom Figure Builder line, this Resident Evil 6 Chris Redfield CFB Statue is fully-colored and has been created in the 1:7 scale. Chris is seen here sporting gear that the B.S.A.A. designed specifically for the harsh conditions of Estonia. Right down to the trademark look of biting determination, Capcom's team of in-house sculptors have spent countless hours creating the perfect Resident Evil 6 action figure that fans will instantly recognize as the most definitive version of Chris Redfield available. Measuring 10-inches tall, this fantastic figure is a must-have for Resident Evil fans!