"Londinum" Limited Edition Travel Poster

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Brand: QMX

A funny thing happened on our way to Comic-Con International 2007 in San Diego. It seems a certain Mr. Joss Whedon you know, that fellow who created a little thing called Firefly and Serenity found a small problem with one of the QMx preproduction Blue Sun Travel posters the California Browncoats were selling at the show. The hitch? Well, in Joss' own words, posted on Whedonesque.com: "Wow. Those are extremely cool. Masterfully designed. But it's 'Londinium.' But they're really great!" Needless to say, we brought production to a screeching halt. We then changed the final version of the poster to include the second "i". Until we heard from the Boss himself, every piece of reference material we could lay hands on shooting scripts, the Planets of the 'Verse classroom poster from the movie, even Serenitys own builder plaques had the Alliance core world spelled as "Londinum." Of course, once we knew better we had no problem changing it, because we want all QMx products to be as accurate as possible. Plus, we got to say "Stop the presses!" which was really cool. The preproduction sets the California Browncoats sold at Comic-Con included what we now refer to as the "One-Eye" version of the Londinium poster; it was too late to swap them out. Immediately after Comic-Con, the poster sets were changed to feature the "Two-Eye" Londinium. Some of you have taken issue with this. Being collectors ourselves, we get that. You're just a bit miffed that you can't get the One-Eye Londinum art print anymore. It's not that you want it instead of the Two-Eye version, it's that you want both. We get that, too. So, we figure the best way to make everyone happy is to do a limited run of the One-Eye Londinum poster. *Just a 1,000 numbered prints have been made, and the plates have already been destroyed. So that's it. When these are gone, they're gone forever *Measures 17" x 22" *100-pound, satin finish paper