Keep Flyin' Serenity Scenes Poster Series

$24.95 $16.00

Brand: QMX

There are many ways to describe the crew of Serenity loyal, clever, brave, a bit eccentric, so damn pretty. But animated? Not so much, except, perhaps River. But then that might be the kind of animation that's less fun and more, you know, painful. Serenity Scenes, part of the Keep Flyin' series by cartoonist Kristele Pelland, is out to change all that with posters of the Big Damn Heroes as you've never seen them before animated! In the first Serenity Scenes poster set, Kristele has captured dinosaur politics, meditations on the airworthiness of Capissen 38 engines, and how grenades might be a handy thing to have around when Reavers come callin'. The set, part of QMx's new Portfolio Series posters, is printed on 11"x14" heavyweight satin-finish paper.