Iron Man 3 Mark XLII (42)PX Exclusive Action Hero Vignette Statue

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Brand: Dragon Models USA

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From Dragon Models! A PREVIEWS Exclusive! Since the world renowned kit producer Dragon Models last brought you their popular Avengers line of products, Dragon's Advanced Research & Technology Team (D.A.R.T.) has been hard at work to bring you their latest line of Iron Man 3 items! With each movie appearance of Iron Man, Tony Stark upgrades his armor to fight his latest enemies, and it is no different with Iron Man 3. The latest and most advanced armor from Stark Industries is the Mark XLII and is made of separate suit pieces that can individually attach itself to the wearer and re-form as a whole suit around the body. There are several noticable differences in the Mark XLII from the previous Iron Man armors, and we are able to accurately replicate the new sleeker look and color scheme. Working with official Marvel 3D data, and applying our own in-house techniques, Dragon Models' Iron Man Mark XLII Action Hero Vignette is highly accurate and detailed.