Hobbit LOTR The One Ring Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide


Brand: Weta

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Weta is pleased to be working with Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith to produce Gollum's precious ring in gold plated Tungsten Carbide. Jens Hansen's reputation as a brilliant ringmaker was one of the main reasons he was approached to make the One Ring for The Lord of the Rings. Today Jens Hansen's son, Halfdan Hansen, continues his father's legacy, and supervises the production of The One Ring for us. Find out more about Jens Hansen. It's crafted to the exact shape, thickness and proportions of the other rings Jens Hansen has created for Weta. The 18K gold plating and the significant weight of the Tungsten Carbide now ensures that you can get your own Preciousss that looks and feels absolutely right. This gorgeous piece of jewellery is completely smooth and comes without Elvish runes. If you prefer to have a ring with with Elvish runes, we recommend The One Ring - Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide from The Lord of the Rings with Elvish Runes. The ring comes in a wooden gift box made from natural Cherry timber which can be displayed open thanks to an ingenious and almost invisible elastic hinge or closed with a strong rare-earth magnet. The lid features a The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey logo on the outside and the logos of Weta and Jens Hansen on the inside. The inside bottom of the box is lined with burgundy velvet. Like anything made from natural timber, variations in grain and colour will occur and the colour may also change over time. This is an entirely natural process. This ring D0ES NOT have any runes writing inside. Size available, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11