Harry Potter Costume School Sweater with Tie (Slytherin Med)

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Brand: Museum Replicas

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The Hogwarts Uniform is worn during lessons, while eating and while studying. It consists of a plain white buttoned shirt, a house tie, a grey knitted v-neck sweater with a house colored cuffs and waistline, grey trousers or a pleated skirt, plain black shoes, grey socks and a plain black buttoned robe with the appropriate house's emblem. Our sweater copy is made exactly like the screen version from Harry's later years at Hogwarts. * Available for Slytherin houses * Accented with house colors at cuffs and waist * Constructed of quality wool blend * Sizes available for older children This v neck sweater is a rich wool blend and comes with matching school tie. Slytherin with green & white accent colors at the cuffs & waist. Size: Medium - Slytherin House