Harry Potter 2 (S1) Single Film Cell

$71.94 $59.95

Brand: Trend Setters

When the Chamber of secrets is opened the Golden Trio comes together to face their greatest danger yet, the large snake-like Basilisk that can petrify a person with its stare. Relive the memories in this limited edition of 2500 FilmCell that boasts two clips of real film from the movie. 13” x 11” Black MDF frame Real movie film Numbered limited edition name plaque Trend Setters embossed/foiled certificate of authenticity Made in the USA Each FilmCell presentation is made with careful attention to detail. It is double matted, placed in a quality frame, contains a clear front and back allowing natural light to enhance the film frames. Each piece of film is hand-cut from reels to provide you with the best possible scenes to offer a unique and varied product. This is all put together to bring you a collectible that looks great in any room.