Harry Potter 1-7 Finale Acrylic LightCell


Brand: Trend Setters

Harry Potter has been entertaining millions for years. Whether you are a fan of the book series or the films, any fan would love this limited edition, 1 of 500, LightCellâ„¢. All eight films are present on this stunning collector's piece. This LightCellâ„¢ is a translucent yet vibrant acrylic film print that boasts 8 clips of 35mm film from the movie. A limited edition of 500, this modern collector's item is truly a piece of art. The elegant frame and vibrant print shine when the frame is switched on. - See more at: http://filmcellsltd.com/harrypotterlightcellLC1410008.aspx#sthash.nY1SAIAb.dpuf