Halo McFarlane Micro Ops Series 1 Box Set High Ground Tower [Includes Master Chief, Ghost & Elite Special Ops]

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Brand: McFarlane Toys

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Halo Micro Ops brings the entire Halo universe to life with all-new miniature figures, vehicles, and locations from the best-selling video game series. Micro Ops delivers all of the amazing detail, game accuracy, and playability that McFarlane Toys is famous for, and all at roughly 1:100/15mm scale. Choose from small sets like the Warthog and Mongoose, large sets like the Falcon, or even boxed sets like the High Ground Tower, then recreate your favorite moments from the game, or design your own exciting custom playsets and dioramas. Product Description McFarlane Toys expands its long-running, best-selling line of Halo collectibles with the addition of Halo Micro Ops! The Micro Ops Series consists of ultra-detailed miniature figures, vehicles, and locations from the entire Halo universe, at roughly 15-millimeter scale (1:100). Halo Micro Ops covers the Halo universe from the tiniest Grunt figure to the largest Scarab vehicle, with all the pieces perfectly in scale with one another. And Halo Micro Ops delivers the whole package with all of the amazing detail and game accuracy that McFarlane Toys is famous for. Collectors can recreate their favorite Halo moments from campaign, multiplayer, or firefight. Or just create their own custom scene! When you turn the scale down, you turn the possibilities up!