GTS Exclusive Predator Arcade Version Reaction Figure

$12.99 $3.99

Brand: Funko

A GTS Distribution exclusive! Funko & GTS Distribution have teamed up to remember one of the greatest arcade "beat 'em ups" of all time! Capcom released Alien vs. Predator to arcade players in 1994. This 4-player, 32-bit beat 'em up is still lauded as one of best games of this era, and an early exemplary of license mash-up. Now, to celebrate this great arcade game, Funko & GTS Distribution have created a 3 3/4" ReAction "Arcade" Predator. Limited to 5,000 pieces worldwide, this Predator wears a vintage-style paint deco, modeled after the Predator Hunter from the game. Harvest your own rare trophy of this classic sci-fi hunter!