Godzilla Vinyl Wars Bullmark Type Godzilla J Tail Version Sofubi Vinyl Figure


Brand: Medicom

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From M1Go/Bullmark/MEDICOM Toy. Godzilla: Vinyl Wars is a collaboration between Japan's classic sofubi manufacturers and cutting-edge toy maker MEDICOM Toy. Each release in GVW is a reproduction of a classic Toho sofubi from the '60s through today, released legitimately for Western collectors for the first time ever. These hand-crafted, hand-painted figures inspired the designer toy movement, and will hold a place of high honor in your collection! Bullmark's Godzilla design has been familiar to kaiju fans for over 50 years as a definitive edition. M1Go now reissues this design, originally released in 2001, in a brighter green skin deco with white belly and highlights. This re-release is available in a limited edition not to exceed 200 pieces! Note: Previously offered on PREVIEWS Plus #1145.