Evangelion 10th Angel Silicone Ice Tray


Brand: Kotobukiya

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Joining the previously released Neon Genesis Evangelion chopsticks sets are three all new silicone ice trays! The third and final version captures one of the most powerful and vicious Angels from the Rebuild of Evangelion series in the 10TH ANGEL SILICONE ICE TRAY! Great for ice, chocolate, cakes, cookies, or any other treats you can imagine, Evangelion trays are heat resistant (up to 230C/446F) and cold resistant (down to -40C/-40F) so they are both freezer and oven safe. Each red tray has five molds of the 10th Angel Zeruel: four small versions of its skull-like face and one large mold of its unique, wrapped up body. Use this and the other Evangelion silicone trays (sold separately) to make Angel treats for special occasions or anytime you want some neat Evangelion-inspired snacks! Ages 10+