Dr. Grordbort's Victorious Mongoose -Mini version

$49.00 $19.99

Brand: WETA

The Victorious Mongoose joins as the fifth gun in Dr Grordbort's range of miniature rayguns. The first, the Mini Manmelter sold out at Comic Con 2007. The second and third, the Mini Goliathon and the Mini F.M.O.M. are selling out fast and the fourth, The Unnatural Selector has been leaping off the shelves. *Based on the full size Victorious Mongoose, it measures a mere couple-of-thumbs-and-a-bit and is absolutely exquisitely detailed by Minisculisation Virtuoso, Dr Tremont. *Made from confoundingly weighty metal *Designed by Greg Broadmore and modelled by David Tremont,