Doctor Who Leela Figure SDCC 2011 Exclusive

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Brand: Underground Toys

*San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive! *From the 'Face of Evil' 1977 episode! *Limited edition! Leela includes a crossbow and bolt, dagger, and stazer gun accessories. The TARDIS arrives on a planet where a savage tribe called the Sevateem worship a god called Xoanon. The Fourth Doctor discovers that Xoanon is in fact a spaceship computer that hetried to repair at some point in his past and inadvertently drove mad by giving it a multiple personality. It is tended to by another tribe of humanoids, the ascetic Tesh.These are the descendants of the ship's original technicians,while the Sevateem are the descendants of the original surveyteam. The Doctor, with the help of a Sevateem girl called Leela,manages to gain access to the ship and wipe the additionalpersonalities from the computer, leaving it sane and in propercontrol once more.Leela, deciding that she no longer wants to stay on her ownplanet, pushes her way on board the TARDIS. The Doctor hasgained another companion. Ages 5+