DC Superhero Chess Figure Collection #011 - Ra's al Ghul Black Bishop

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Brand: Eaglemoss

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The DC Superhero Chess Figure Collector Magazine brings your favorite DC Comics characters to life in a stunning chess-piece collection, complete with a 16-page magazine providing detail on the character as well as essential chess tips for players of all levels. Each character is superbly rendered, cast from a specially-formulated metalized resin and hand-painted by expert model makers. Among the most sophisticated of Batmans adversaries, Ras al Ghul is benefited by a genius intellect, his mastery of alchemy, and a vast fortune accrued over many lifetimes. He perpetuates his existence by intermittent utilization of his restorative Lazarus Pits, which heal all injuries and are capable of resurrecting him from apparent death. He champions and agenda of which calls for the eradication of most of mankind. In conjunction with his abiding respect for Batman, and Batmans romantic interest in Ras al Ghuls daughter, Talia, Ras perceives Batman as a worthy successor. Ages 10+