DC Comics THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY™ (Rogues Gallery) Morphing Mug


Brand: Trend Setters

The ultimate rogue’s gallery, Scarecrow, Joker, and Bane! These foes have challenged Batman mentally, ethically, and physically. At every corner the Dark Knight has bested them, proving that even the worse villains are no match for him. The Dark knight Trilogy has been met with acclaim by both the critics and the fans. Now you can own a piece of movie history with this Dark Knight Trilogy heat transforming mug. Simply pour in hot liquid and become the Dark Knight as you stare down the faces that oppress the city of Gotham. This 11oz Morphing Mug transforms from black as hot liquid is added! Watch as the heat-activated process reveals the hidden image in full vivid colors! Color Changing Ceramic Mug Heat-activation reveals hidden image 11oz in size, weighs 1lb Not dishwasher or microwave safe Made in the USA - See more at: http://filmcellsltd.com/thedarkknighttrilogyroguesgallerymorphingmugmmug017.aspx#sthash.JX9E54nG.dpuf