Dark and Bloody #1 (of 6) (Mr) Comic Book


Brand: Vertigo

(W) Shawn Aldridge (A) Scott Godlewski (CA) Tyler Crook. Guns, moonshine, monsterstheres a lot going on in the backwoods of Kentucky. Iris Gentry is a war veteran who returned from Iraq to find his options for supporting his family limited. Since they live in a dry county, Iris has turned to running moonshine for his former ranking officermeaning the men now share crimes at home and abroad. You see, back in their combat days, Iriss regiment got involved in something they shouldnt have, and now a deadly, otherworldly consequence has come looking for vengeance. THE DARK AND BLOODY is a haunting new horror series by writer Shawn Aldridge (Vic Boone) and artist Scott Godlewski (Copperhead), with covers by Tyler Crook (Harrow County).