Battlestar Galactica Cylon Centurion Replica Target Poster

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Brand: Battlestar Galactica

The groundbreaking Battlestar Galactica television series created a new paradigm, not just in terms of storytelling and visual effects, but in every detail of production - from soundtrack to set design. In the continuing quest to bring you affordable, faithful replicas of the iconic props from TV's greatest sci-fi saga, Quantum Mechanix is proud to present their screen-accurate replica of the Cylon Centurion practice target as seen on Galactica's shooting range. Created from the same digital files used to print the screen-used props, QMx has reproduced the practice target on an 18.5" x 22.5" poster, printed on 60-pound flat-finish paper stock. We've even die cut the poster into the same distinctive trapezoid shape, and we've included the scoring form in lower-right corner. A perfect way to prepare for the fight against the Cylon oppressors, when that dark day comes. *Officially Licensed Battlestar Galactica Poster *This art print is suitable for framing and measures 18 1/2" by 22 1/2" and *comes printed on 60-pound, flat finish paper stock