Elvira POP! Review

Elvira POP! Review 0

It is an honor to review the new Funko Pop based off of Casandra Peterson’s iconic Elvira!  Growing up watching her campy movies such as, “Elvira Mistress of the Dark”, “Elvira’s Haunted hills”, and her all famous “Movie Macabre” has made me an Elvira fan for life. I’ve seen many renditions of her that have taken me from enamored to disgust.  To hear that Funko had taken the queen off horror and made her into a pop made me skeptical at first.

Yet Funko has out done themselves! So much in fact that I believe even Elvira herself will be in awe.  Like your traditional pop she has the pop BIG head and small body. Yet she is the first pop that I have ever seen to have a mouth, matching Elvira’s classic red lips! Her all famous 80’s goth make up is brought to life on this figure along with her beauty mark under her right eye.

Funko let nothing slip with her making sure every detail of the real Elvira made it onto this figure right down to her ruby red ring,black fingernails, and her dager attached to her waist highlighting her demure physique.  Even her all famous one leg protruding out of her high slit dress. This is one of the best pop that Funko is releasing. A must have for any pop collector or just a fan of the queen of Halloween camp.



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  • Stephen Redford
Suicide Squad Preorders

Suicide Squad Preorders 0

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  • Stephen Redford