First Look - Gears of War Mystery Minis

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POP! First Look -  Earth 1 Batman

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Once Upon a Time POP! Review 0

Howdy POP! fans! This week we will be taking a look at the upcoming Funko POP! from the hit ABC show Once Upon a Time. The new line contains four brand new figures, featuring two new sculpts for previously released fan favorites Regina and Captain Hook, as well as two characters who make their Funko debut, Zelena and Belle.  Without further adieu, let's talk POP!

                When I first heard about this new line, I was most excited for the Regina with Fireball POP! Now, I know a number of you are probably rolling your eyes about Funko putting out a fourth variant of the Evil Queen, but check that cynicism at the door, because this villain turned anti-hero is not a repaint, but a brand new mold! Gone is the iconic left hand wielding Apple; replaced by a sassy hand on the hip with her trademark finger ring, while her right arm has finally moved from neutral position too an upright angle and is balancing a magic fireball. Then there is the dress! Don't get me started on the dress! The detailing of the scroll work on the bustier is to die for! The black ruffle petticoat splitting the skirt is beautiful. The subtle floral detailing covering the gown as well as the gold jewelry on the cuffs are just the icing on the cake to prove that Funko stepped up their game with this POP!

                Next from the camp of familiars we have Hook with Excalibur POP! This is the third incarnation of the beloved pirate in POP! form. While bringing back the iconic namesake (which was absent from the BAM exclusive), it lacks the debonair grin and hair that really captured the spirit of Killian in the previous to figures. Hooks wardrobe is also changed from his Enchanted forest Captain garb, to his more contemporary Storybrooke attire. While these choices may have sacrificed some of the character of the figure, all is not lost! The showcase piece of this POP! is Excalibur, and it entirely makes up for any other shortcomings in the art design. Gorgeously rendered to capture the unique Once Upon A Time aesthetic of the legendary weapon, it immediately catches the eye and refuses to let it go anywhere else.

                Making her first time appearance in POP! form we have the Wicked Witch herself, Zelena. With an eye catching black dress and matching black hat, this POP! encapsulates, without taking the easy route of giving us green skin. That is not to say the figure is lacking emerald elegance; the subtle verdant accents in the form gloves, earnings and a necklace take the spectator down a yellow brick road of familiarity.  She'll make you want to get her, my pretties, and maybe a POP! protector too!

                Lastly we have the Beauty without the Beast, Belle. Finally, we can add Belle to our collection of Storybrooke alumni. Though stripped of defining characteristics, (which is indicative of POP!) there is no denying that somehow those black eyes and brown hair convey the presence of Emilie de Ravin. The choice to place Belle in her Enchanted Forest garb, and give her a hunting knife for her accessory is slightly surprising, being that the character is always known for being a bookworm regardless of the media. Now I will admit I'm a full season behind on the show, so I could be ignorant of some huge character defining story that separates the character from her bibliophile norm. Regardless, there is no denying, while none of the obvious choices were taken in the design of this POP!, fans of the series will immediately identify her as Belle, and I must say she makes the perfect shelf companion when paired with Rumplestiltskin.

                Overall, this latest batch of Funko POP! has been a great addition for any collector and doubly so for fans of Once Upon A Time and has left this POP! hunter eagerly awaiting whatever Funko has in store for us next.

Mike Wilshire





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Toy Wars First Look! - Jyn Erso POP!

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Rogue One Darth Vader POP! Review

Rogue One Darth Vader POP! Review 0

The upcoming wave of POPs from the Star Wars movie universe come from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The film will be set between Episode III - Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV - A New Hope.  If we're going back to the original trilogy timeline you know what that means....Darth Vader!   I can't wait to see the mighty Sith Lord back on the big screen taking care of business.  He's sure to be one of the highlights in the movie and a major promotional tool for both the movie and the new toy line.

 We're taking an early peek at #143 Darth Vader and he looks better than ever.  We finally get a new mold with a more movie accurate helmet shape and style.  We also get nice new shiny paint job with better chest and bodydetails.  The longer wrap around cape and classic pose looks great and intimidating.  He has an overall smaller stature than previous versions but it’s not a major problem. I just wish they would have made one of the larger characters at 6 foot 8 inches just a little bigger.   No light saber this time but I'm sure we will get alternate versions down the road that include one. I'm impressed with the overall detail and look of this figure, I recommend it for any Star Wars or Darth Vader fan.  Funko seems to be getting better and better with the details on these POP! figures and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of them later this month.  Pre Order at or buy in the Vista, CA store starting September 30th.



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Toy Wars First Look! - Scarif Stormtrooper POP!

Toy Wars First Look! - Scarif Stormtrooper POP! 0

Scarif is one of the new planets we will see in Rogue One this December.  It is a secluded planet used by the Galactic Empire to house the construction of the first Death Star.  We are taking a look at the Scarif Stormtrooper POP! Recently announced by Funko.


Other POP!s in the Rogue One Wave 1 are:

Jyn Erso
Captain Cassian Andor
Chirrut Imwe
Baze Malbus
Director Orson Krennic
Darth Vader
Imperial Death Trooper
And other various store exclusives!

Rogue One POP!s will be available on starting on September 30th.




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